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GIVI B42N "ANTRATICA" x HONDA ADV350 at Bangkok Motor Show

With the same adventure DNA, HONDA THAILAND has chosen GIVI Monolock Top Case B42N "ANTARTICA" as standard accessories for its brand new HONDA ADV350 TOURING MASTER Edition.

It is currently displayed at Bangkok International Motor Show 2022, and this beautiful adventure scooter will be available at your local Honda Dealer in the coming months.

The interesting features for B42N includes

  • Reflective Prismatic Elements for unprecedented visibility.

  • Micro 3 Locking System for easy and secure locking.

  • Made from GIVI’s proprietary high-grade polypropylene (PP) material.

  • Strong and long-lasting.

  • Reinforced peripheral structure.

  • 42-litre capacity.

You can have a closer look at this cool top box or check other GIVI Accessories at BIKEMATE.NET SHOP x GIVI POINT - Bangkok on Rama 3 Road, or you can shop online through various convenience channels.

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